CRO Selection & Management

Outsourcing-CRO Selection and Management

Access to intellectual capability and options to get your study done at a large GLP-complaint CRO, a small Non GLP-compliant CRO, or a unique institute with highly specialized skill sets.

CRO Selection

With so much to choose from and so many factors to consider it is hard to know how to pick the best fit for your product, your timeline and your budget.  It may be that getting through to the business development folks is a much tougher road than you would expect!  And if the business people are all over you like a cheap suit promising you the earth, you wonder whether you can really believe them. Simply having a “money back guarantee” is not going to help you recover the lost time if a study has to be repeated or worse.

We can support you with pre-qualifying CRO facility audits from which you can weigh your options. We know the players and maintain a proprietary CRO database. Additionally we have extensive scientific networking with colleagues, allowing us to be on the cutting edge of the CRO industry.

Study Design, Protocols, On-site Monitoring and Reports

Once you have made your choice, the real work begins.  Investment in this process can truly save you from a multitude of setbacks. Ensure that your study protocol contains detailed scientific procedures as well as the following: interim delivery dates, data management and report expectations.

We think our careful attention to these and an extensive list of other details will provide savings for you in a myriad of ways. On site monitoring is critical. Establishing solid working relationships with CRO personnel makes a world of difference in the success of your study.

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